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I love musicals. Even -- perhaps especially -- those that have reputations for being bad. I love listening to their songs over and over again and geeking out with friends about why we love them. Sometimes that's because of their "so bad it's good" qualities, and sometimes it's just because even bad musicals can be filled to the brim with really great songs. Soundtracks: Song by Song celebrates those movies whose songs have stayed with us regardless of how long the films spent in theaters. And there's no better soundtrack for our debut season than Grease 2. The inaugural season of Soundtracks: Song by Song will feature 13 episodes exploring the songs of Grease 2 in depth. Each episode featuring special guest stars joining me in our deep dive into "Cool Rider," "Reproduction," "Score Tonight" and more.
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Sep 23, 2016

Our second episode looks at "Cool Rider," Michelle Pfeiffer's first big solo. Host David Levy is joined by performance artist Ariel Speedwagon and writer John DeVore, and they discuss how this song works as an "I Want" song, how it relates to both "Summer Nights" and "Greased Lightning" from the first Grease movie, and whether you can straddle a ladder with dignity.

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A quick note: the sound on this episode isn't quite where we want it to be, and we apologize for that and thank you for bearing with us. The good news is, we are pretty certain we have figured out all of the problems and our next episode (about the song "Reproduction") should sound beautiful!


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